Energy Balance & Wellness

Experience a deep level of relaxation and wellbeing with a Wellness Balance. These sessions are designed to enhance your healing potential related to more specific issues: fertility, elimination of toxins, stress reduction, jet lag, lymphatic support, increase overall energy, decrease pain, strengthen the immune system, or simply maintain flow in your body’s energetic system. These transformational Wellness experiences are also great if someone is interested in feeling what it is like to have better flow in the energetic body and how this can improve your health. If you already feel great, these Wellness Balances can help you maintain your health and stay well.

There are several Wellness Balances available, you can book a selection of them for a total cleanse and balance, or book them individually:

Energy Liver Cleanse
Clears stale and congested energy, helps to detoxify the liver, ideal if you have suffered from bouts of depression, anger or frustration as well as after long intake of medication.

Energy Lymph Drainage
A beautiful, relaxing treatment that rejuvenates the body and stimulates the lymphatic system and spleen, boosting the body’s immune function.

Circulation of the Light
Deeply relaxing, stimulates the two main reservoirs of circling energy in the body to assist overcoming cold and flu symptoms, reducing stress, jet lag, poor circulation and low energy.

Sacral Balance
Very beneficial for pain or discomfort in spine, legs and pelvic area, as well as menstrual disorders, hip pain, and at times of change in your life.

Wind Gates
Clears stale energy and winds from the organ gates around the navel, excellent for poor digestion, abdominal pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating and tension in the belly and back.

Energy Centres Balance
Balancing the correspondences between energetic centres helps to unify the connection between the heart, mind and body. This is a deeply calming and profound Balance – ideal to have during times of emotional stress.

Thrusting Channels Balance
If you need an energy boost, this Balance can more than double the amount of energy your body has available; also assists in improving the immune system.

Three Spinal Gates Balance
When there is pain or symptoms in two or more of the three spinal gates (back of the head, base of the neck, lower back) this is particularly effective to ease pain and tension.

Reverse Sacral Balance
A very powerful treatment to clear any menstrual disorders, is also recommended for infertility or pre-pregnancy clearing; it assists both men and women with opening blockages in the sexual organs, as well as healing bladder problems and other complaints in the sacral area.

Pelvic Alignment Balance
Realigns and opens up the whole pelvic area to alleviate or prevent coccyx pain, lower back pain and sciatic pain from perceived differences in leg length; in pregnancy it can help the baby to engage in the correct position during the final weeks of pregnancy

Stomach 4’s Balance
This Balance can have an incredibly positive effect on releasing pain in the hips, back and pelvis. It’s also ideal for people who have a perceived difference in leg length, due to tension in the sacroiliac joint.

Clients can choose which wellness balance they would like specific to their needs, or work with Chiara to make the right choice. To book your appointment contact Chiara at:, via Mobile: +39 3758084600 or Whatsapp: +33 (0)6 35392055. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

You can also chose one of the amazing Packages that we offer, Detox, Recharge and Rejuvenate listed on the home page. Each Package has a specific focus and is designed for you to be very effective.

“If you have something that’s getting in the way of you leading a full life, or just want to have a chance to destress, go say hello to Chiara and you won’t be disappointed!” …RP, Rome

Energy Balance & Wellness (including virtual)
  • €130 per 60 min
  • €190 per 90 min


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  • €150 per 90 min
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Clinic Packages (including virtual) – are a series of 4,6 or 10 hours of AcuEnergetics® sessions at a reduced price to treat a particular issue. On a call beforehand or at the end of your first session we will explore the difference you are looking to make for your health or life, then we will plan a program of sessions that will suit you, at the pace at which you want to heal the issue (it can be spread over 6-12 month period):
  • 4 hr €520 full price. Special package discount €490 (save €30)
  • 6 hr €780 full price. Special package discount €720 (save €60)
  • 10 hr €1300 full price. Special package discount €1170 (save €130)
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