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Sessions are available in English, French and Italian and you can book private 1-to-1 treatments or combine with our Packages.

Retreat BE BELIEVE AND BLOSSOM in deep Salento, Apulia, Italy 30 October-4 November

5 days of Kundalini Yoga by Tarandev and AcuEnergetics® Energy Healing by Chiara. Reconcile with yourself, the others and the Universe in the stunningly beautiful 15 acres of the authentic green oasis Casin’Anand. Rooms with unique architecture and world furniture, thematic gardens and sensory paths, a historical chapel, organic and Zero-km food produced in the synergetic vegetable garden, indoor Wellbeing paths with frigidarium and Hummam under star-shaped vaults, decorated with stones and stuccoes and so much more that this timeless Retreat Centre will embrace you with.

Energy Balance & Wellness

Stressed, tired and run down? Need help with aches and pains, strengthening your immune system or just a little energy boost? Try an AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balance to get you back feeling great.

Energy Healing

Experience a revolutionary treatment that helps to promote your good health while addressing the real cause of your ailment and ultimately preventing it’s recurrence.

Meditation & Healing Classes

Meditation and Healing techniques to help you feel more grounded and energised, dramatically help ease aches and pains and reduce mental stress. NOW ALSO ONLINE!

Energy Medicine Training

Learn a revolutionary energy healing modality from Australia!
Take a bold step and become certified and begin to practice right away on friends and family. This amazing modality is truly incredible and anyone can do it. No special skills or talents required. Or maybe you are a wellness or healthcare practitioner curious to learn a revolutionary energy healing method that can help your practice and be more effective with your clients?

Treating Kids & Teens with Acuenergetics®

A one-day Workshop for parents and carers
Learn practical, effective and simple ways to treat common complaints in children and teenagers including: tummy pain and nausea, constipation and diarrhoea, newborn reflux and upset, sleeping troubles, ear-ache, bumps and bruises, burns, cough, anxiety, worries and fear issues, nightmares and stress, period pain, behavioural issues, headaches, anger. This Workshop is truly incredible and anyone can do it. No special skills or talents required.


Clicca qui se vuoi raggiungerci nel nostro tour tutto italiano!

Reversing the Ageing Process with Acuenergetics®

Rejuvenate, Heal & Transform with cutting-edge Energy Medicine AcuEnergetics®
Discover how science-based Energy Medicine can not only slow down the ageing but can actually start to reverse the process of ageing, to support your vitality, mobility and the energy you need to enjoy a full life.

Wellness Sans Frontières – WSF

Discover the activities of this pioneering charity – Healing and Education for women, girls and kids impacted by conflict and displacement.

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