Enabling displaced women and girls

to improve their health and well-being






We provide women, girls and children impacted by conflict and displacement with healing tools they need to improve their physical and mental health and well-being.




We treat the displaced women and girls to alleviate their pain/health conditions and we run safe First Aid Healing Workshops to help them heal, learn and grow.

We also train the staff at the Centres so that they can help the women and the children.


The TREATMENTS and SELF-HELP METHODS that we share with the women and their families:

  • Help with sleep, anxiety, depression

  • Enable to better process stress

  • Provide support for headaches & migraines, digestive problems, bruising/pain, inflammatory issues

  • and much more…

We include EDUCATION so that they can support themselves and their loved ones in the every day life and for the rest of their lives, with the aim to help their communities to find greater balance and resiliency.

FIRST AID Energy Healing Workshops


The women experience and learn simple and effective self-healing techniques that they can use to support themselves and their loved ones in the every day life and for the rest of their lives.

Training the staff with First Aid Energy Healing Skills


To give them tools to help the women and the kids attending the activities for conditions such as: poor sleep, stress/panic attacks/hysterics, headaches & migraines, bruising/pain, abdominal & digestive problems and much more.

Meditation&healing Classes


Directed to help manage stress, including grounding techniques to help centering, strength and stability. The women experience a sense of relaxation and practice simple and effective healing tools.

1on1 Healing Treatments


To treat more accurately the women and the kids, in order to alleviate any pain/health conditions that they might have. I also share specific healing skills that they can use on themselves to improve their well-being.

A. from Erithrea 


Reducing the shoulder pain and the feeling of numbness of the fingers that A. has got since her shoulder has been badly injured during times of conflict in her country. Since the mobility of her shoulder has improved A. is also adding some more gentle movements every time she participates in our group sessions.

Z. from Yemen


Feeling safe and smiling during the treatment, while experiencing the symptoms of her Irritable Bowel Syndrome and her difficulty swallowing easing.

Y. from Afghanistan 


Helping her high blood pressure, relieving her headache and feeling of exhaustion, so that Y. can participate and enjoy the activities offered at the Community Centre.

F. from Lebabon


At some point during the treatment I asked her to gently move the shoulder that I had been treating, to see if any improvement in the levels of mobility and pain. She stood up and started showing an incredible dance choreography that she, as a former professional dancer in her country, was unable to do since she has arrived in Greece a few years ago, due to the shoulder pain that she was experiencing.

WELLNESS SANS FRONTIÈRES – Headquarters 3 RUE des Bons Enfants 3ème Etage – 75001 PARIS

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  • Catégorie juridique : 9220 – Association déclarée
  • Date de création : 25/02/2019

Journal Officiel de la République Française – Annonce n. 1356 – 75 – PARIS

About me 

With the goal of sharing my practice @chiara_healing and with a professional background in Sustainable Development & International Co-operation (with a Master Degree in Business Administration – Bocconi University, Milan –  I’ve worked for the United Nations, the European Commission, the Italian Government and state agencies in post-conflict and developing countries) in 2019 I have started sharing the activities of Wellness Sans Frontières WSF – Effective treatments and self-healing tools to help the mental and physical health and wellbeing of WOMEN GIRLS and CHILDREN who have been through traumatic experiences.

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