New – Workshop for parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers!


Practical, effective and simple ways to reduce and calm upsets and strong emotions in babies, children and teenagers with Acuenergetics®

‘Children don’t come into the world with an owner’s manual’

But what if there is a manual or guide?

And the sooner it is discovered, the better it is for the baby/child/teenager and for the parents, family members and those who have their well-being as their most cherished responsibility.

It can be overwhelming and the stakes are high. But imagine having a simple, non-invasive solution to help a variety of ailments in your son/daughter, or that you can practice at school to calm a moment of panic in one of your students.

Imagine the relief.


In this one-day course, Chiara will guide you to discover some basic energy techniques for dealing with physical and emotional conditions, to make babies/children/teenagers feel more protected and better able to cope with the challenges they face at school, at home, and in any other environment. For parents and teachers, a new world of healing and wellness possibilities will open up, beyond the best-known but otherwise invasive proposed solutions.

You will learn practical, simple and effective tools to treat common ailments in babies, children and teens including:

– tummy pain and nausea – constipation and diarrhoea – newborn reflux and upset – allergies – sleeping troubles – ear-ache – headache – bumps cuts and bruises – burns – cough – anger – anxiety and panic attacks- worries and fear issues – nightmares and stress – period pain – other behavioural issues

Working on the causes of the ailments, you will not only help alleviate symptoms, but you will go on to promote the well-being of the children and teenagers. You will also learn how to use the same practices specifically to strengthen their IMMUNe SYSTEM.

‘Because WELLNESS is more than the absence of symptoms’

The basis of this accurate and scientifically proven method of Energy Medicine is that the cause of the body’s diseases and emotional disorders can be traced to the body’s energies, those that make all our functions possible. By restoring the proper flow to these energies, we naturally restore these functions. This means that pain, physical and emotional health, can improve, if not be cured altogether.

All by using your hands! This Workshop is truly incredible and anyone can do it. No special skills or talents required.

The course has a main structure, it will then also take shape based on the specific cases and needs that will be presented by the participants. Following the course there will be an opportunity to join an online platform run by Chiara to continue exchanging experiences and receiving support.

Every mom, dad, grandparent or caregiver should know and learn these simple ways to support the physical and emotional health of their loved little people!

The family and the educational environment will only benefit.

Although designed for parents, teachers and carers of children and infants, this seminar will provide you with the skills you need to heal yourself and those you love, regardless of age.

In this course Chiara summarizes some of the main tools of this Energetic Medicine that she has been practicing for 15 years, to give you practical and effective tools that you can use throughout your life. Born from her passion and desire to reach out with Energy Medicine to the younger generations, who can not only feel these techniques more vividly, but also respond faster than adults. With this course Chiara wants to share tools with families so that they can better meet certain challenges.

You will leave this one-day course with the incredible ability to accurately access the body’s energy system, just with your own hands and without using drugs! No special skills or talents are required.

AcuEnergetics® is a gentle, non-invasive healing modality, it works by stimulating the body so that it promotes natural and rapid recovery, reducing pain and improving physical and emotional health.


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Raffaela, Teacher

‘Chiara will open up a whole new world for you! It was a wonderful opportunity to feel and learn how to take care of myself and others, to understand even better the importance of living my life with an open heart.’

Erica, Pharmacist

’The course was interesting and enjoyable throughout, but what I enjoyed most was experiencing directly and immediately what Chiara taught us. Feeling. It was a nice sharing of energy. Thank you.’

Milena, Pharmacist and Naturopath

‘If you are interested in a holistic approach to maintaining your well-being, if you are interested in understanding what you can do for your health without resorting only to drugs or supplements, if you want to work with your energy to help you be in harmony with yourself, and if you want to help those closest to you as well, then this course gives you the basics to get started. You learn not only the theory but also the practice!’

Annalisa, Milan

‘I absolutely recommend the course. I had experienced other courses that promised first aid for the family, but I must say that what I learned in the course with Chiara is really easy to apply, and gives immediate results. It is also less demanding; I was comfortable with it right away. I was able to apply what I learnt on my children with great satisfaction and positive feedbacks, already from the evening after the course. They are both athletes, and may even be a bit skeptical…but they felt the benefits right away. Thank you for this first aid for everyday problems!’

If interested in arranging a date in your area, send a message to ChiaraHealing or contact via – SMS +393758084600 – Whatsapp +33635392055

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